Matt Thilenius

My name is Matt, and I am an Executive Assistant at high-profiled talent agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), in Los Angeles. Pursuing a career in the dance music industry, I am working towards being a booking agent and working in the artist booking and touring business. I love DJs and artists, and I love electronic dance music scene and industry. It’s an industry that fuels me with passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm, and I’m very thankful and grateful every day to have the opportunity. I’m a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset, and I like researching new trends and ways that overall combine business with the creative to help execute an artist’s vision and strategy. I also actively follow the international dance music scene – especially cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and London – and I’m fascinated at the growth and influence the industry has on the world.
Personally, I was born and raised in Chicago. I always grew up with music, movies and television, but my first professional experiences with it didn’t occur until college when I took an internship at a talent agency in Chicago and also one in LA. Both were amazing experiences and really solidified my desire of pursuing a career at an agency. I also love going to concerts and festivals and also socializing with people about music. Voluntarily, I help promote shows for Avalon Hollywood, a nightclub in LA that throws EDM events. I think their Friday night events are a perfect platform for less-mainstream artists to showcase their work and talent, and of course their Saturday nights caters to more mainstream talent. [SIDE NOTE: feel free to contact me regarding guestlist/discounted tickets!] I like helping promote/market/produce events and parties for friends, as it's just another way for me to stay current and fulfill my addiction of sharing music that I like with other people.
My blog is my platform for sharing my thoughts on the dance music scene or for me to review special events that I attend, or anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to answer your questions, help with club tickets/guestlist, give career advice for those aspiring to work in entertainment, or anything else. Feel free to leave any feedback or comments as well. I'm very open but YOU MUST ASK!

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